Myopia causes blurred distance vision. Myopia can be corrected by glasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery (Lasik).

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Our state of the art facility in San Bruno, CA is a complete eye care center with three examination rooms, automated preliminary testing room & a spacious eyewear dispensary...

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Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Comprehensive Eye Examinations
Our comprehensive eye examinations consist of:

  • Comprehensive consultation to determine your eye’s health and vision needs;
  • Automated refraction for a quick, accurate estimate of your prescription;
  • Automated peripheral vision test;
  • Refraction to determine your eyeglass and contact lens prescription;
  • Comprehensive analysis of binocular vision and eye coordination;
  • Measurement of focusing ability and near vision requirements;
  • Complete eye health evaluation with dilation when necessary;
  • Four types of gentle eye pressure measurement;
  • Cataract evaluation;
  • Optomap Panoramic High Definition Digital Retinal Exam without dilation (optional);
  • Color vision testing;
  • Depth perception;
  • Diagnosis of your symptoms;
  • Treatment plans.

Special Exam Services

At the Doctor’s discretion, additional evaluations may be necessary for your best care. Our staff can discuss them with you as needed. Some of these services are listed below.

Special Exam Services

• Dry Eye Testing

Additional evaluation of the corneal surface and tear film, necessary for all contact wearers, corneal refractive therapy (CRT) and refractive surgery patients.

• Topography

Additional digital mapping of the corneal surface, necessary for refractive surgery and corneal refractive therapy patients, and for some contact lens wearers. May also be necessary for some patients with corneal irregularities or disease.

• Pachymetry

Pachymetry is the ultrasonic measurement of corneal thickness, Special Examinationsnecessary for refractive surgery patients, Corneal Refractive Therapy, extended wear contact lens wearers, and glaucoma suspects.

• Threshold Visual Fields

Comprehensive testing of peripheral vision to evaluate the extent of vision loss in glaucoma and other vision and neurological disorders.

• Retinal Nerve Fiber Analysis

Earliest detection of Glaucoma with a quick and easy test.

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