Myopia causes blurred distance vision. Myopia can be corrected by glasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery (Lasik).

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Dr. Aller’s Myopia Research

MyopiaMyopia causes blurred distance vision. Myopia can be corrected by glasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery (Lasik). Classical thinking in optometry and ophthalmology is that myopia is largely inherited, is unrelated to reading and computer use and it stops getting worse at age 16. After ten years in practice, Dr. Aller noticed that myopia did not stop routinely at age 16, but frequently increased throughout college and into adulthood. He grew tired of seeing his patients getting worse and worse each year and was inspired to try some prevention techniques. After seeing some research proving that bifocal eyeglasses were at least partially effective in controlling myopia progression in children that had tendencies to slightly cross their eyes while reading, he sought to improve that technique.

Dr. Aller reasoned that if bifocal glasses were effective in controlling myopia, bifocal contacts might be effective as well. What he found in a seven-year study of 100 patients was that if he prescribed bifocal soft lenses for the appropriate nearsighted person, adult or child, that their rate of myopia worsening was reduced on average by 90%. Inspired by this finding, Dr. Aller sought and received a clinical research grant to fund further research.

In 2006, he completed a one-year, controlled, randomized, double-masked study of the use of bifocal contact lenses for the control of myopia (The Control Study). This study confirmed his earlier research, now in a scientifically controlled study, that bifocal contact lenses are the most effective control of myopia ever reported.

Myopia 2Dr. Aller encourages all myopic persons in the area to consult with him to see if they might be candidates for this innovative therapy. Children, particularly those with a family history of myopia, should be examined no later than age 5 to see if they are beginning to develop myopia. Moderate to high levels of myopia don’t just mean thick glasses, but expose the eye to risks such as retinal detachments and other potentially blinding conditions related to the length of the eye and the thinning of the retina. Started early enough, Myopia Control Therapy can dramatically limit the amount of myopia your child might develop in their lifetime.

Dr. Aller’s method of myopia control has received a U.S. patent and has been licensed to an international vision research consortium, with whom Dr. Aller is now collaborating on new and improved methods of myopia control. He now holds several US and international patents in the field.

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