Myopia Prevention Research Review
American Optometric Association
California Optometric Laser Associates, Inc
Vision Service Plan
Paragon CRT site
Corneal Refractive Therapy
Turner Eye Institute
Eye Care Articles provided by All About Vision
UC Berkeley Myopia Research Page
Orthokeratology Academy of America
Video explaining the Ortho-K procedure
Brien Holden Vision Institute Anti-Myopia Project
Vision CRC – International Myopia Control Research Collaboration

Learn how poor blinking leads to inflammation and then leads to dry eyes.

Online risk calculator to assess the risk of your child becoming myopic.


Good information about myopia as well as a risk calculator.

Dr. Aller's website dedicated to treatments to control myopia.

Dr. Aller's website dedicated to orthokeratology.

Good reference site on myopia control.

Good reference site on myopia control.

A new laser scanner which can detect the earliest signs of many eye diseases.

All about a treatment very helpful for extreme dry eyes and other painful corneal conditions.

Learn how your risks of developing age related macular degeneration can be assessed and how targeted supplements can help protect your eyes.

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